What Is In A Family Meal Today?

What is in a family meal today? Can food research companies unravel what’s traditional family food today? Not long ago I went looking for answers from some of the food industry-leading research companies. Each has some benchmark studies all “best in class” yet appears to answer or categorize only what product individuals are eating, when they may be eating.

Yet nothing could address what we found have witnessed or hear of as the “new family meal paradigm”. 1. Single family dinner events with meal components from McDonalds & Taco Time for children 14 years old and dinner for adults from Whole foods prepared food section. This is dinner, is it a family food.

We say yes, since they all eat jointly. 2. During a recent trip to NYC after a meeting we went to a business affiliates home purchased food in. His wife, myself and him, we ordered from three separate companies (Italian Chinese Greek) one was pickup nearby. I was guaranteed this is not unusual in their household.

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3. Studies on Take & Bake pizza show it is the sole meal only 60% of that time period. Complemented with prepared food from other retailers Generally, who can we find out what and from where? Statistical analyst can monitor each of the sales, but do we get a clear picture of the family meal. We are searching for examples, stories, or case studies on new “defined” household units and what they eat and when. Join me here on my blog for insights, inspiration, and information.

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