Tomorrow Boutta Journey For 16 Hours. Send Me Your Best Fics You’ve Read

I’ll copy-paste my answer from that thread. Best romance and prequel best? Best self-insert/original character-focused fic? Best non-Leaf/unpredicted personality in a starring role fic? Read anything and everything by Kraken’s Ghost, Eilyfe, JMenace, and Jonohex. You can identify Kraken’s Ghost for the Twenty Times trilogy, Eilyfe as the author of Monkey Business, and Jonohex as the author of The Broken Tool; but you could really start anywhere. There are a few fantastic authors in the fandom, but I would rate those four as the most great consistently. Everything they produce is a genuine home run.

It permits great deal of independence to subordinate to make creative decisions on his own. This motivates subordinates and ensures good performance from them. 5. Support from superior: When the subordinate makes attempts to attain his goals, superior’s assisting hand is always available. The superior functions as a coach and his valuable advice and guidance to the subordinate.

This is how MBO helps effective communication between superior and subordinates for achieving the objectives/targets established. 1. Goal setting techniques: The first phase in the MBO process is to determine the organizational goals. These are identified by the top management and usually in discussion with other managers. These goals are established Once, they should be made known to all the known members. MBO effectiveness is inversely related to the amount of MBO forms.

4. Creates organizational problems: MBO is far from a panacea for any organizational problems. MBO creates more problems than it can solve Often. An incident of tug-of-war is not uncommon. The subordinates try to set the cheapest possible goals and superior the highest. When objectives can’t be restricted in number, it leads to obscure priorities and creates a sense of fear among subordinates.

Added to the, the programme can be used as a ‘whip’ to control worker performance. 5. Develops conflicting goals: Sometimes, a person’s goal will come in conflict with those of another e.g., marketing manager’s goal for high sales turnover may find no support from the creation manager’s goal for creation with least cost. Under such circumstances, individuals follow pathways that are best in their own interest but which are detrimental to the business. 6. Issue of co-ordination: Considerable difficulties may be came across while coordinating objectives of the Organisation with those of the average person and the division.

Managers may face problems of calculating goals when the objectives aren’t clear and reasonable. 7. Lacks longevity: The first few go-around of MBO are motivating. Later it will become old hat. The marginal benefits reduce with each cycle often. Moreover, the programme is deceptively simple. New opportunities are lost because individuals too rigidly to founded goals adhere. 8. Problems related to goal-setting: MBO can function successfully provided measurable objectives are jointly arranged which is arranged by all.

9. Insufficient appreciation: Insufficient gratitude of MBO is noticed at different degrees of the Organisation. This may be because of the failure of the very best management to communicate the beliefs of MBO to entire personnel and everything departments. Similarly, managers may not delegate adequately to their subordinates or managers might not motivate their subordinates properly. This creates new difficulties in the execution of MBO programme.

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1. Support from all: To ensure that MBO succeeds, it will get support and co-operation from the management. MBO must be customized to the executive’s design of managing. No MBO programme can be successful unless it is fully accepted by the managers. The subordinates should also clearly recognize that MBO is the policy of the Organisation and they have to offer cooperation to make it successful.

It should be a programme of most and not a programme enforced on them. 2. Acceptance of MBO program by managers: To make MBO program successful, it is fundamentally important that the managers themselves must accept it as a good or encouraging program psychologically. Such acceptances will bring about deep involvement of managers. If manages are forced to simply accept NIBO programme, their involvement will stay superfluous at every stage. The employees will be at the receiving-end. They would acknowledge the lines of action initiated by the managers mainly. 3. Training of managers: Before the launch of MBO programme, the managers should be given adequate training in MBO idea.

They must maintain a position to combine the technique with the basic philosophy of the business. It is but important to set up practice classes where performance objectives are examined and deviations are checked. The managers and subordinates are taught to set reasonable goals, because they are going to be held responsible for the results.