Kinesiology & Sport Review

My history is powerlifting, martial arts, competitive fighting with each other, US women’s bobsled team, and (briefly) women’s professional football. While on the bobsled team, it was my lifting that made the history books because I had been pregnant at the time. Upon retirement, my goal was to lean out but it proved impossible. Couldn’t take action. No diet, no tremble, no training could change my own body back again to what it once was. So I did what every other sane person would do. I tripled the ongoing work. It worked for bobsled, you will want to real life?

Which made me think, maybe the instructor just said ‘brace’ previously because it is at the script and really didn’t realize why we were bracing in the first place. Side bridges proceeded to go into some side oblique crunches, pointless again, specifically for a class human population who generally don’t want their waist to be wider. Do some asymmetrical holds instead. There have been some more crunches to finish, to really focus on our ‘six pack’. Of course, the six pack is actually a matter of genetics & diet, also keep in mind the primary action of the rectus stomach muscles is to resist rotation, not ahead flexion (MCGill, 2002, 2004 etc).

  • Must be able to pass a history check
  • Kimchi, manufactured from pickled vegetables, as an aperitif or as dish
  • It soothes an upset tummy
  • Gift Card
  • 2 tablespoon green tea leaves

Again, their leading-edge technological research must vary to mine. The trainer did some good things, but some stupid things as well. Its like they haven’t quite linked the dots. Making me wonder, do the get it really, do they really understand bracing, and flexion or are they regurgitating a script and haven’t read the research, or have been selective in their interpretation highly.

Its like someone offered them the house fully built, but if they really grasped the blue prints they could build their own house and have a deep understanding from the foundations up. Its not like this stuff is new anymore even. Check out the year on the first McGill reference, 2002, this information has been around the public realm for a decade!

Should I get CXWORX? Firstly, let me say I’ve never quite grasped the BTS model, you have to buy the license from them. And in most of the programs the exercises never change (bodyjam excepted because it’s a dance schedule). And that means you are buying a music playlist essentially. For those who can’t work out how to use the playlist function on your ipod, Les Mills have done all the hard work for you. And by the CXWORX trainers own admission, the music because of this program is low and in the backdrop deliberately.

Secondly. If you’re a fitness professional and you can’t actually workout how to construct a 30-minute primary program you have either taken a blow to the head with a power golf club or you need to change careers. If you really have no imagination Les Mills did the thinking for you. Lastly, I think I could design a better core regimen right now. Remove those crunches and replace them with some lifeless bug variations would be a start. What is a master trainer in any case?