HOW EXACTLY TO Enable Bluetooth In Windows XP

If you are here today because you should know how to allow Bluetooth in OR WINDOWS 7, you are in the right place! Bluetooth headsets are frequently used to free hands while speaking on a cell phone. This application is facilitated by headset profile (HSP) in the Bluetooth specification. The profile can be used for other program as well, this guide will highlight how to use the technology of the Bluetooth headset as a sound input and result device of the PC. When a Bluetooth device is hooked to a Computer, it works like a wireless microphone and speaker for an audio device, such as an Internet softphone (VoIP customer), IM, press player, video conferencing, tone of voice chatting.

If you want more features from a headset, you might want to get one of these Bluetooth stereo system headphone. The setup of this application on some type of computer is a lot like that of a Bluetooth headset, but it supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video HANDY REMOTE CONTROL Profile (AVRCP) in addition to the basic HSP.

So it is not just a microphone and speaker with stereo output, this device also can be utilized as a remote control. You can control your media player (i.e. Play, Stop, Pause, etc.) from your Bluetooth stereo headphone. Because of this demo, we used an Akono Bluetooth headset from Sony Ericsson, a PC running Windows XP SP2, and a USB Bluetooth adapter with TOSHIBA Bluetooth stack. You can follow the overall procedure in this article for configuring similar products from other brands.

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It basically contains device finding (i.e. to find a Bluetooth headset nearby), pairing (authentication for creating a secure connection), service breakthrough (whether the device supports headset profile) and connection setup. Important-If you can’t see the screen shots below please click to open up a more substantial view. To start you want to click start on your windows menu.

Click on control panel. Go ahead and switch your control -panel over to classic view by hitting the tabs in the top of the left-hand corner of your screen. Now, that you have it in the traditional view, double click on the icon that says SYSTEM. Go ahead and go through the device manager Now.

Windows service pack 2 or service pack 3 has built-in Microsoft Bluetooth stacks. But the Microsoft stack doesn’t support headset account. To allow Bluetooth in OR WINDOWS 7, you don’t need to uninstall SP2 and downgrade to SP1. You can install a third party software on Windows XP SP2, the first choice is the one which comes with your Bluetooth adapter.