HOW EXACTLY TO Backup IPhone Or IPad To External HARD DISK DRIVE With Windows PC

When you backup your iOS device using iTunes, the backup data is saved to your neighborhood drive on your computer automatically. Users with a limited storage space on the computer usually run into problems when backing up their iPhone or iPad as it needs several gigabytes of space to save the backup. Depending on the size of data on your iPad or iPhone, backing up several times can take up a complete great deal of space on your pc. For those of you who are running into storage problems, there’s a workaround to solve this pressing concern. By using an external hard drive, you can save your backups to that drive so that it doesn’t take any space on your pc.

This can be done by using a software called iMazing, which is a popular iOS device manager that is with the capacity of conserving iOS backups and gives you to control the data files and data on your device. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use iMazing to backup your iPhone or iPad to an external drive on Windows. If a Mac is owned by you, read this guide instead then.

Step 1: Download and installing iMazing on your PC. Step two 2: Connect your iOS device to your computer and open up iMazing. Step 3 3: Once iMazing detects your device, the very first thing you have to do is to change the spot that the backups are stored. To take action, select your device in the left sidebar.

Step 4: Click on the cog icon as shown below to open your device’s settings. Step 5: Now go through the Change button next to Backup Location. Step 6: Select a disk, or click Select a custom location to choose a folder on the exterior drive where backups should be kept.

Step 7: Go through the Done button to save lots of the new backup location. Step 8: Again, go through the Done button to close the device configurations. Step 9: To take a backup, click on the BACKUP button. Step 10: Make any required construction from the available backup options, then press the trunk Up button in the bottom right corner. Step 11: iMazing will now begin the backup process.

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It can take anywhere between a couple of minutes to half an hour or more to backup your iOS device with respect to the amount of data on your device. A folder is created on your exterior hard drive called “iMazing.Backups” which is where all of your iOS backups are stored. Avoid deleting this folder or modifying any of its files as it can cause your backups to be corrupted.

Step 1: The first step is to show off Find My iPhone. Open the Settings application on your device, then touch on your name at the top. Find My iPhone and toggle it off. Step 2 2: Connect your iOS device to your personal computer and open iMazing. Step 3 3: Choose your device from the left sidebar, click on Restore a Back-up then.