5 Reasons Not To Plagiarize

Growing up, it is portrayed how wrong it is to take often. The same applies here. We are trained throughout life that stealing isn’t suitable, so why would you grab someone writing else’s? Not only does this present a moral dilemma, but it is a reflection of the author’s character.

In the past decade taking other people’s ideas/ writing without sourcing is now the norm. Many believe that they can escape with such a criminal offense but finish up facing the consequences. The word that the world uses when someone chooses to take someone else’s ideas to make it their own is called plagiarism.

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What is this is of plagiarism? Plagiarism is the action of taking another body of work and copying it verbatim rather than giving the original writer their credit. Research papers are a build up of several resources and sometimes paraphrase them. Paraphrasing methods to rewrite a body of work to make it your own but to also keep that same substance from the foundation. There are many ways to avoid the use of plagiarism such as citing the sources of writing that you are endeavoring to use.

At no time is it ever appropriate to plagiarize someone’s work. Such behavior in the university will result in expulsion. Plagiarism instantly eliminates all trustworthiness. A thief that steals money cannot be trusted, neither can a thief that steals ideas. Having said that, ideas will overlap inevitably. In these instances, simply supply the owner credit the right way.

This article will clarify how to do so and highlight five reasons to avoid plagiarism: dignity, reputation, professionalism and reliability, educational integrity and disciplinary consequences. With these five reasonings, plagiarism should not even be a thought in your mind if you are about to start writing your paper. Plagiarism shames your reputation and can harm your professional profession as well.

The nation might keep in mind the infamous plagiarism scandal including then Democratic Presidential candidate, vice President now, Joe Biden. During his 1988 presidential campaign, Joe Biden was described a video of Neil Kinnock, who ran for Uk Prime Minister against Margaret Thatcher unsuccessfully. Biden, who was so inspired by Neil Kinnock’s speech, started to incorporate aspects of the speech into his own. Biden would eventually get so comfortable incorporating Kinnock’s talk into his own that he’d eventually go without offering credit to the originator of such ideas. Joe Biden didn’t just grab ideas from Neil Kinnock’s conversation, but he stole his whole life tale essentially, and portrayed it to the American community as his own.

Once information broke of Joe Biden’s plagiarism, more instances of plagiarism began to surface, where he stole ideas from Robert Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey. Without other choice, Joe Biden finally owned up to the accusations of plagiarism, which severely hurt his reputation, and marked him unfit to perform the united states as President.