Heart, Mind, Soul, And Strength

I should mention from the outset which i haven’t verified whether the quote actually originates from the Dalai Lama. The first step in looking as of this quote is to view it for what it is, and how it ties in the existing discussion between people of different faiths. What chosen about “different streets” and “lost” claim that he’s considering Christianity and Jesus.

Even if he solidly is convinced that the same pertains to all faiths, still the words appear selected to address Christianity first and foremost specifically. Look at how the goal of life is portrayed in that saying: “seeking fulfillment and happiness.” It talks of fulfillment and joy as if they are goals in themselves, and that they might be obtained in any true number of ways. Look at how the notion of “one true path” is portrayed for the reason that saying. The way of pursuing Jesus is not here portrayed as Jesus himself, but as “your street” — an exclusive thing, not at all something belonging to the whole world or all of creation.

The saying is meant to claim the similar validity of all paths — and to characterize those who say there is certainly one route as narrow, arrogant, and prideful. It appears designed to silence those who teach that Jesus is the Messiah really, the world-wide ruler ordained by God the daddy to bring peacefulness to the countries. In silencing and ignoring Jesus, it silences and ignores the hope he brings. I’m sure the reader will have pointed out that the original telling does not recognize or recognize God’s living, and transforms all spirituality into a private matter without basis the truth is.

The only measure it recognizes is individual emotion, specifically happiness and “fulfillment. I’ve mentioned before in some detail ways that Jesus is exclusive, from the unmatched power and beauty of his teachings, to his credible understanding of the end of all things, to his resurrection from the dead. So I won’t trouble myself too much right here with again explaining all the ways that Jesus is exclusive.

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It is important for us to learn how to answer when people claim that Jesus’ uniqueness is a private or personal opinion rather than proven and beautiful truth. The question here’s: Once we have observed Jesus’ uniqueness, can we clarify it to other people in such a real way that their minds will be open to hearing?

Jesus’ greatness is obvious to people who browse the accounts of his life. Jesus’ greatness sometimes appears as a risk by those who would such as Jesus-free spirituality. But how do you justify staying away from something despite its greatness? It can not be done; it is narrow-minded clearly, shallow, and petty. Still there are a few who want a real way to disregard Jesus or make him irrelevant. The simplest way to achieve that is to characterize the people proclaiming his greatness as intrusive meddlers who are themselves the petty and narrow-minded ones. Can we find a real way to describe so that other people will be open to hearing?

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