SEC Clears Blockstack TO CARRY First Regulated Token Offering

Blockstack said. The company plans to start selling the tokens to the public Thursday through a website created for the offering. While the offering resembles an IPO in some ways, there are big differences. For one, token customers gained’t get possession stakes in the business. Rather, they’ll get “utility tokens” they can use as currency on Blockstack’s network, a blockchain-based software platform which developers can build applications.

Blockchain is the technology that supports bitcoin. Blockstack’s offering may help fill the funding hole still left when the ICO market cratered. 6.a year earlier 9 billion. 2 million is our donation to the crypto industry,” Mr. Ali said. The SEC declined to comment. Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, a 2012 law meant to spur job creation. 50 million in a 12-month period with fewer disclosure responsibilities than in a traditional IPO. If a cryptocurrency offering fulfills the SEC’s rules, would you become more interested in buying it?

Why or why not? Join the conversation below. IPO. Yet these mini-IPOs, as they are known, have been dogged by lackluster scams and performance concerns. Messrs. Ali and Shea set out six years back to build a version of the internet that couldn’t be monopolized by a few huge companies.

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The pair offered as advisers to season five of the HBO humor “Silicon Valley.” In the show, the primary character’s company, Pied Piper, was creating a “decentralized internet” based upon the true one Blockstack is building. 47 million through a 2017 Reg D token offering. Than a year on the filing An earlier version of the article incorrectly stated the company spent more.

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