Bankruptcy Judge Orders Dan Laikin To Pay $33 Million To Fair Finance Trustee

The close pal of convicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham was sent to prison this year 2010 for a stock pumping system he led to raise the price of National Lampoon’s stock. Judge Marilyn Shea-Stonum was critical of Laikin for withholding key proof during breakthrough in his case, including the misplacement of his laptop cell and computer telephone.

The federal district court judge reserves the right to modify the bankruptcy court judge’s order. The odds of the trustee recovering a lot of the view are slender to none. The personal bankruptcy trustee also received large judgments against Durham and his business partner, James Cochran, but has so recovered very little from the set much. What little the trustee has recovered to date has largely been consumed by his own fees and expenses. 1.3 million to win the wisdom against Laikin.

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