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The gossips (rumors for our UK friends) have been circulating for weeks. It makes us wonder, are our mobile phones bugged, is the NSA on our tail, is Bulgari or Tiffany spying on us? There, I’ve said it. Are you happy now? We ‘re going in to the “bling” line, big time! Both Patrick Fowler our company’s president, and Chris Spaulding, EVP, have urged me, dare I say, pleaded with me, to keep it a magic formula repeatedly, but I cannot any more.

I’m sick and tired of working with the continuous and continuous inquiries. I can’t take it any longer. The strain is killing me! I’m sick and tired of sleepless nights, racking your brains on the ultimate way to respond. Ask my partner, she’ll tell you of the limitless rolling over, turning and tossing, that have been a standard ritual for me for weeks nightly.

I’m sick and tired of Jed Schneider, John Simpson, et al’s continuous pleading for all of us to acknowledge what many have suspected. They, like I, have been pestered by colleagues, clients, and rivals even! Sorry, but I can’t take the stress, any risk of strain, the subterfuge we’ve had to deploy to keep our biggest secret!

  1. Co-ordination of quality problems
  2. Car Registration Fees
  3. Propose and analyze different transaction constructions
  4. Mezzanine Debt Funds

One of our dearest friends and clients, who participated in a review of the initial design, has been asking “when does it come, when can I get mine?” The NDA we made her sign is tearing her apart. Well, the wait over is nearly. Our first creation, that will no doubt be considered a “hot seller,” sought by all investment performance women and men who appreciate the finer things in life, will be unveiled as of this year’s PMAR conferences. That’s it. I’ve said it. But that’s all I’ll say until the following month. Sorry, Chris, and Patrick, but I had formed no choice. Please, forgive me, my weakness. I cannot take keeping this magic formula secret any longer. I’m weak in mind.

A bank or investment company is a lender but a financial institution is not necessarily a bank or investment company. A bank will a few basic functions where a financial institution is a much larger organization. What’s meant by a web-assured accredited website? This means they have security for financial transactions. What happens in a Formula One pit stop? What were television occasions that were almost fatal?

This is exactly why wealthy people like investments with consistent returns. Prospect theory tells us that concern with losing new-found prosperity makes people more risk averse than if they’re trying to recuperate gains. This also opens things up for the billionaires. They can spend money on high SR, but low return, investments that other people would spurn. This impact pertains to all degrees of prosperity. Now hopefully you realize why after a good run on the futures markets I wanted to lower the chance of my portfolio, by scaling back on my leveraged derivative exposure and putting the money into relatively low-risk bonds.

Point three: As people get more wealth they become risk averse, able to spend money on low risk but high SR investments, plus they use less leverage. Apart from risk choices can we say anything else about choices for different prosperity levels. I used to be inspired to write this post by the following which also produced some dialogue with my ex-colleague Matt. The paper argues that wealthier investors will be ‘value’ investors, whereas others are ‘momentum’ traders.