Using SOCIAL NETWORKING TO PRODUCE “Viral” Marketing Campaigns

As my inaugural blog post, I wanted to go over one of the best topics – social media marketing. I was in college when MySpace and Facebook were founded, when only certain colleges were allowed Facebook accounts back again, and I put just graduated when Twitter was founded. Starting my career in marketing and public relations, it quickly became a core job function to figure out the whole “social media craze” to best enhance my employer’s brand.

Well, it’s no longer a trend and is currently a major marketing tool for many companies. Companies want to use sociable media to make more recognition around a brand or product. But one pitfall is thinking that because you promote a campaign online just, it shall “go viral.” While YouTube ‘s been around since 2005, it didn’t turn into a huge marketing tool until much more recently. Forbes contributor, Dan Schwabel, interviewed Jonah Berger, a Wharton teacher and New York Times bestselling author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, on this very topic.

Berger believes making a marketing campaign “go viral” isn’t just fortune, but instead that following his STEPPS (Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value, and Stories) method will drive people to reveal content both on and offline. For example, his first primary – social currency is the notion that people want to talk about content to make sure they are look smart or “in-the-know.” So how do you capitalize with this?

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You develop a campaign which makes people feel like they may be insiders. This is just one single example and you can browse the full interview for all six principals. Wanting to be cool – don’t try to be something you’re not; stick to what your brand knows. Target the incorrect audience – if you don’t understand whom you’re marketing too, you’ll never appeal to your demographic no matter how fascinating your marketing campaign is.

Failing to integrate your message – you can’t toss a microsite up or produce a video and expect that to be enough. Content lives almost everywhere and needs multiple touch factors to be successful. This is where PR and social media outreach can be incredibly helpful. Make it hard to share – Consider all of the social sharing tools and do the work ahead of time, make it possible for users to share/promote your campaign in seconds.

Set out to make a viral campaign (my favorite suggestion) – The chances of creating a viral advertising campaign are significantly less than one percent, so focus on creating great content for your brand. When it comes to marketing a marketing campaign through social press, what are your very best pitfalls or procedures to avoid?

This is very convenient. I can be sitting in my paddle boat on the close by lake while my Twitter account tweets and my Tumblr blog publishes micro blogs. It is even more convenient to schedule messages in mass (via Excel spreadsheet). 5.a month – get a HootSuite account here 99. You can even use HootSuite’s bulk scheduler to send recurring messages.