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400 billion of projects have been canceled or deferred, globally, setting up slower development in production from both gas fields and oil areas with associated gas in the near-to-medium term. This deceleration is apparent in EIA’s latest monthly Drilling Productivity Report for all of us shale. Using the contract price of liquefied gas (LNG) often linked with oil prices or competing with pipeline gas that in addition has fallen in price, large gas infrastructure tasks like LNG plants look less attractive, too. We’ve already seen cancellations of new facilities in Australia and Canada.

Fewer LNG export facilities are likely to be built in the US than previously prepared. All of this means less new gas reaching markets where it can be used. Cheaper oil also reduces the elegance of gas as a transport fuel. Although ever more popular as a cleaner gas for buses, natural gas hasn’t made much headway in US traveler cars.

However, this application has been growing in places like Italy and Iran, for different reasons. Transparency, water consumption, emissions including methane leaks–all on IEA’s list–are some of the key issues over which companies, regulators, NGOs and activists are sparring today. The UK is a prime example. Conventional energy creation is declining quickly and a huge shale gas potential has been determined by the British Geological Survey, but every attempt to drill exploratory wells has experienced strong opposition. A fresh factor the IEA didn’t foresee is the emergence of political actions focused on fossil gasoline divestiture and a “keep it in the bottom” mantra.

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Just as public media are transforming politics, they may be altering the balance of power between organizations and their critics also. The gaps that must be bridged if new gas development is to remain broadly acceptable to the general public are growing in ways that will demand new approaches and new ways of address.

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One of the anchors, for CNBC’s US Squawk Box programme, that covers the opeing of the US Stock Markets, Mark Haynes, refers disdainfully to French socialism frequently. Of course, all the bullshit about Neo-Liberalism was that just. The Imperialist/Capitalist leopard hadn’t changed its spots no matter how much those on the proper, or their dupes within parts of the still left may have tried to encourage us that was the case.