The Daily Diary Of AN ABSOLUTE Loser

I would add that evolutionary fitness contains more than just whether the organism survives, but also it’s ability to pass on its genetic materials. An organism that lives for one hour and reproduces many times is healthier than one that lives for years but cannot reproduce, everything else being similar.

I’ll let you know right now, the Heath Bar Ice Cream Cake—it’s like the new formula division at Blue Bunny was aiming directly at me with this one. One of my biggest weaknesses over the previous six months of struggle was the small Heath Bar Mix at Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Store. Want to learn some crazy rationalizations?

  • 1/2 tsp Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon
  • Get a Coach and a System
  • 25-29 is known as overweight
  • 4 years ago from Midwest
  • I love piecing together a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course with my son-he considers its amusing
  • 5 times per charge
  • Keep Hydrated

It’s a small–made with zero fat iced yogurt–only 450 calorie consumption– It began with an occasional small. Having a food addict like me, once every month or two treats or something affordable it never ends as a. I would grab it–then look around as I drove away, hoping nobody spotted me getting my fix. Then, as though I was being followed and trying to shake a tail, I would wind my way through the home blocks separating me from my apartment–or my dungeon of guilt and pity, if you shall. I shall not allow Heath Pub Mixes into my life again. Not just a portion, not just a bite, not once every month or two–not ever.

I’m finally receiving the deepest, most important truths of my food habit. Which is this: There are some things–especially items with focused fat and sugars, I must abstain from for the rest of my life. Towards the supervisor and these Blue Bunny Glaciers Cream Cakes Anyway–back. He asked me to promote the free samples and coupons these were offering to shoppers. Uh, yeah–no thanks, I can simply do this without having a sample. It’s ice cream and a candy bar–it kind of sells itself. He also provided me a three buck off discount to provide as a reminder for the promotion.

Now, I assure you I didn’t go anywhere near the free examples. I didn’t buy one either. I talked about these new cakes from Blue Bunny and how wonderful it might be that you should have one ready in the fridge whenever your company occurs this holiday weekend. It was sold by me. I sold it perfectly. I almost sold myself.

I couldn’t get these cakes off my brain. During and after a later broadcast at a car dealer, it was on my brain again. AFTER I finished at the motor dealership, I looked down and there it was. I did. It was wished by me bad. The picture on the coupon promised it would be even dreamier than the frozen yogurt mix Braum’s deals from their drive-through. That is high-quality glaciers cream and Heath Bar.

My mind began racing as it tried to find some type of out, some type or kind of logical thought that would excuse such a deliberate action of indulgence. I knew, if that new cake found its way into my apartment, I would destroy it in a nutshell time. And I knew I had fashioned to stop and have for help.