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I have noticed these terms, knew them relatively but not really. Now I know really. Instruction and thirst for knowledge must start at home. The light of the global world is knowledge only overshadowed by kindness. Knowledge puffs up and love lifting up. 1: Could the first world help us to be developed? 2: If yes, Doesn’t that mean that people would utilize all of our resources and there will not be no resources remaining for us to sell to the first world? 3: And, if there will not be any problem with that, Why do the west do that? I’m sorry, James, but I cannot find the foundation of the maps and the given information that they reflect. What exactly are the sources, please?

I am one of a civilian of one of the 3rd world countries, Egypt. You may already know my country has one of the historic civilizations in depends upon that may date up to more than 7 thousands years. You have said that the first world and Colonialism aren’t the reason behind the backward of the 3rd countries.

I agree only when you see they aren’t the only reason. But, I am certain that they are effective and great reasons for that backward. Initially, they continue endless to steal our natural resources, even if they get them. You know that people don’t possess enough weapons and arms. And, if we’ve they result from, for sorrow, the first world.

So, we can’t say no. In addition, the first world facilitates our dictators, rather than calls for democracy except if they want something bad for our countries from these dictators. It is a kind of blackmail. You might have noticed that there was a revolution in Egypt in 25 Jan. 2011. I can swear that no nationwide country of the first world has helped us since then. There are just promises. After all, thank you for this informative hub. And, I know that you been employed by hard to write it.

All I targeted to do is to clarify and show the way the under-developed civilians go through the first world. This is not a hub, it is a thesis! Very wealthy information. The maps are an incredible, credible resource. A very important thing we can do for the third world, is to be maintained our strong economy.

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We shouldn’t be reinforcing the next world by openly doing business with them. The market will not deal with their situation as the relative mind of the Fed suppose. A brief history lesson we can all use. If we would all get back to our Christian values and help one another here in this country perhaps we could get back to the fantastic country we once were. No man can be an island, as is no nationwide country. We have to help others survive. This hub has made great many factors.

Voted up. Thanks for SHARING. Very thought provoking article! I distributed your article with my boy who is away at college- my texting skills couldn’t match the heated dialogue that ensued! This leaves me with great optimism that America’s light will never be extinguished! God Bless and thank you for the excellent article! Very educational and probably too reasonable to appeal to more than token resentment by those who have bought the NWO series.

I admire your devotion to detail and patience for sourcing those maps. I also confess a marginal envy at you having six times more supporters than me, and 20 times more visitors! But I do not have your devotion to writing then, so the answer is plain to see, and you also are worthy of your success.

41- I do recognize that Sauvy’s terms aren’t in vogue. But nonetheless, Today I hear the terms First World and Third World quite a lot. I hear the term Second World any longer never. Which was my original reason for writing this. What happened to the Second World-that great Utopian heaven? Angela Blair- You are pleasant quite, Sis. I appreciate the accolades and I am well delighted that we are in agreeance.