Confessions OF THE Twirly Girl

If all of your friends leap off a bridge, do you want to to do it? Because I have decided to begin a blog! I cannot promise I’ll post something every day but I also can’t guarantee that I won’t. I have called my blog: As the World Twirls – Confessions of a Twirly Girl.

My main topic will, of course, be about my new fitness effort, pole dancing! However, I’m sure other aspects of my entire life will creep in. I had been motivated by my recent interview with iPole. I enjoy writing. I am helped because of it blow off steam, why not join the cyber-world of blogging?

I am not used to the pole dancing/fitness world. A lot is acquired by me to learn. It will be fun to share my experiences along the real way. Any relevant questions are pleasant. Constructive criticism is also welcome, however, I am going to employ the same philosophy on my blog as I do on my Facebook page.

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If you do not like what I’m stating, then don’t read it. I am using pole dancing to find yourself in shape and create a far more positive life for myself. So maintain your negativity at home. I also very much appreciate the friendship and support of Rita, who is taking the class with me and is my partner in crime. She very kindly requires photos and edits videos for all of us each week so we can watch our improvement. Here is a great post from The Pole Story (through Bad Kitty Exotic Wear on Facebook). No reason to re-write a story when it’s already so well-said here!

Most popular types of sports that are played indoors are of course basketball, team handball, volleyball, inside soccer and snow hockey. However, as a sport can be quite diverse, there are a couple of other sports activities that are performed indoors and have a high value among both types of sportsman. As I like to do much everything connected to sport pretty, I don’t have the absolute favorite.

Some days I am going to like more inside soccer, next day maybe basketball, and sometimes badminton or even table tennis. However fitness and running (jogging) are on my must do list nearly every day. Fitness actually became one of my favorite hobby lifestyles. If I should pick my favorite indoor sport then I may pick basketball. With in house sports it is more or less everything simple Essentially. For sports like basketball, handball, indoor soccer, volleyball, and every other sport you will need just couple of sporting shoes, some shorts, t-shirt and most importantly – a ball.

Most action indoor sports are played with the ball so without it you can’t play them. Although the majority of these sports are inexpensive to do and play, I’d say that especially gear for snow hockey can cost a dollar or two more than the apparatus that you utilize for lets say golf ball. I don’t know for certain if that is clearly a global way, however in our local skating location you can lease some equipment just, like a pair of glaciers skates.

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