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4 Airbus A 310-300 Freighters as it participates in ways to create revenue and spend less as the carrier has incurred substantial losses this season. AI shouldn’t just do it with the program of messing around using its founded nonstop JFK plane tickets. To start with, the second option will be talked about by us. It really is no big secret that though load factors have steadily improved even, the yields are low and operating costs of these flights high.

The only market that segment that AI has a decent potential for capturing is the O&D IAD-DEL-IAD sector where it too will face problems. AI because on their return journey they might need to first do their immigration upon the plane’s landing at JFK which is a large hassle and a mega-switch off. This point also is true for the greater part of economy-course fare paying passengers hence you see the loves of QR/BA/LH/AF/KL dominating the IAD-DEL/BOM-IAD market segment rather than CO/AA/DL.

Due to a multitude of options now available to the Indian passenger from USA to India, a vast majority choose convenient one-stop options and having the ability to clear U.S. Immigration at their last destination in USA if it could be helped. 1. Fly 3 weekly HYD-FRA-IAD utilizing a B 77L. Rather than leasing out 3-B 77Ls, AI should use one of those 3 to journeys HYD FRA IAD three times per week for which one aircraft is needed maximum.

5th freedom traffic on the IAD/FRA/IAD sector. Therefore this proposal is accepted, the IAD flight can be supported by 6-market segments which is plenty of. The DEL MXP DEL O&D market portion size is 100 people per day, whereas DEL ITALY DEL total is 160 travelers per day.

Ever since AZ suspended its Italy-India-Italy plane tickets, no airline offers a nonstop trip from Italy to India much to the dismay of the 65,000 Indians residing in Northern Italy in particular that MXP is their main international gateway point. Approximately 80% of the Indians in Italy today result from the Punjab region of India and thus DEL is the primary airport terminal of admittance and exit for them! No airline offers nonstop air travel from Washington DC to Milan, which according to the U.S. DOT has a market size of 25,000 O&D people per calendar year.

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Cargo quantity between MXP and DEL is huge year round and an excellent source of additional high yielding revenue for AI to abstract from this route. MXP is the financial capital of Italy thus home to an enormous superior course traveling traveler base. Via MXP AI can get feeder traffic for FCO/VCE/Switzerland/Austria/Poland by signing SPA handles AZ and fellow Star Alliance carriers. DEL-MXP out which it would have a monopoly on two of these.

1. Kuwait Airways – KU needs an image make over and what better way to take action than to lease in these 3-B 77Ls to be used on the flagship JFK and LHR routes specifically. 3 weekly KWI JFK nonstop with 6 weekly nonstop KWI JFK plane tickets, which would require 2-B 77Ls be utilized. The third you can be utilized exclusively for KWI LHR KWI.

The B 772s that get withdrawn from JFK and LON may be used to replace the aging and inefficient A 343s on the KWI BKK MNL path which is currently flown 6 times weekly. The 2 2 A 343s that are withdrawn from BKK/MNL can be used to displace the ABs to FCO and CDG.

3. Ethiopian Airlines – credited to major delays with the B 787 program, ET has already ordered 5 B 77Ls for Boeing in the form of a negotiated payment settlement. 5. Etihad Airways – money is no object because of this airline and hence it could these 3-B 77Ls to launch AUH LAX nonstop on a daily basis with a code tell AA who has a hub at LAX!