I know you will love reading these three articles by fellow bloggers Qusay, Nidal M, and Layla, who clarify at length about wedding ceremonies in Saudi Arabia. Women and men in Saudi Arabia have gender segregated wedding ceremonies generally, with different events for women and men. Unfortunately you won’t ever see what the girl side of the marriage ever appears like.

While Saudi women dress to the nines when they go to weddings, video cameras are not allowed because the ladies inside are not properly covered generally. But trust me, the Saudi women go all out with expensive sexy ballgowns, heavy makeup, and glittering jewelry and shoes. Nidal M’s post, “Weddings in Saudi Arabia,” has fabulous photos together with his charming commentary from various weddings he has photographed. You will be delighted when you view his photos. You’ll gain an insight into a world that hardly any outsiders ever get the opportunity to see. Layla of Blue Abaya had written a very engaging recently, entertaining, and endearing minute-by-minute post about her first huge Saudi Wedding Extravaganza.

I found myself laughing aloud at some of her descriptions of the evening’s occasions. I published a post a long time ago explaining “My 1st Saudi Wedding” I ever attended here. Obviously, no two wedding ceremonies are ever the same. Each you have its own uniqueness that the bride wishes to include in her big day.

While Howe’s condition has improved by all accounts, he might have benefited from a big change of care apart from the stem cells, said Jeanne Loring, a stem cell scientist at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla. She was referring to media reviews that Howe was dehydrated shortly before his stem cell treatment and began to improve after he was presented with more liquids. Stemedica agrees that one case doesn’t show efficiency, McGuigan said, and that’s why it’s conducting clinical trials in the United States. Besides stroke, the ongoing company is examining its cells for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and sun-damaged epidermis.

Demonstrating its self-confidence in Stemedica’s work, Howe’s family recently partnered with the business and the Ohio-based health care system ProMedica to start clinical studies of Stemedica’s cells to counter traumatic brain injuries. The offer was spearheaded by Dr. Murray Howe, a ProMedica radiologist and a kid of Gordie Howe. Although some stem cell remedies are progressing through the American medical trial system, very few have been approved.

Bone marrow transplantation was the inaugural one, but that process was performed before scientists were able to isolate stem cells long. The first therapy to be explicitly approved by the FDA as a stem cell treatment was Hemacord, which contains blood-forming stem cells extracted from umbilical-cord blood. With some new classes of therapies, such as monoclonal antibodies, initial FDA approvals pave the way for streamlined rules as the agency benefits knowledge of each technology. But that hasn’t happened with stem cells, Loring said. For example: Mesenchymal stem cells differ in their power from individual to individual, and researchers generally don’t check for those properties.

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In addition, companies make their stem cells with proprietary methods frequently, and which means others can’t take advantage of the breakthrough process. Given the overall doubt, the FDA said its draft guidelines are intended to bring some clarity. Comments from the public on these recommendations are welcomed, the company said.

The agency plans to hold a public conference to discuss the guidelines on Sept. 12-13 in Bethesda, MD. More information can be found at Also, the agency has planned a public conference for Sept. 8 about how to evaluate scientific evidence for human tissue and cell products. More details regarding that meeting, to be held in Silver Spring, Md., are available at Stemedica entered the field of stem cell therapy following its co-founders, Roger and Maynard Howe (no regard to Gordie Howe), encountered Russian stem cell technology, McGuigan said. A close comparative, Arlene Howe, have been taken to Moscow about a 10 years ago for treatment after a car accident.

She was nearly paralyzed but was able to walk again after her therapy. They identified the latter, and that a business could be shaped across the pursuit of stem-cell treatments. While this is going on, the nascent company took a patient to Moscow who was a friend of John Brodie, the former quarterback who recently received Stemedica’s cells. Brodie was debilitated from a stroke seriously, and his friend informed him of the therapy. The other sports athletes likewise arrived to Stemedica after hearing of the company through word-of-mouth.

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