$8k/mo Selling Apparel To College Organizations

Today’s interview is with Antoine Taylor of The Cause, a brand that sells printing and outfits. Product: Apparel and printing. I am Antoine Taylor and I own an attire and printing company called THE REASON International that donates a percentage of its income back again to those in need. We also finalized our documents to branch off and have a non-profit – which is currently established around this year, called The Cause International Non-profit.

Yes, I understand it’s a little confusing initially! We’ve two individual entities under the same name but hopefully I can describe that later throughout this interview in greater detail. But this is the basic overview of what we do as a company! Which means this is where it gets confusing.

I have my very own streetwear brand BUT we also print clothing and create soul packages for high academic institutions, colleges, and small businesses. I think our flagship products would be the custom packs we do for businesses and academic institutions though. More specifically for athletic teams within the schools we work with.

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In our first yr of starting our business we offered back again 65% of our earnings to the people in need. Truly we didn’t profit much from our first yr of business because we recognized there were people that needed that money more. And giving back to the community is a core value of ours that we used to form our business.

I visited Saint John’s University in Minnesota for soccer. My major was pre-med and I used to be a full time athlete all 4 years. I struggled in college with this major, but I decided pre-med because that’s what my mother wanted me to do. Despite the fact that my scholarship or grant through football covered most of my costs I didn’t have the money to meet some of my needs like having the ability to take a flight myself home for Christmas break or viewing my family. My mother was an individual parent who did her far better give me anything I needed but circumstances of our funds managed to get hard on her behalf to take action.

This is when I started to come up with ways to make money because asking my mom for it wasn’t a choice. Making money through clothes has always been the basic idea but designing, and printing had not been how it started. I started by washing the clothes of my peers in college.