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HedgeCo News Archives – Hedge fund manager Won Sok Lee, was sentenced this week by Judge Kenneth Ryskamp on wire-fraud charges for his participation in a massive hedge fund fraud scheme, according to the Miami FBI. Lee was sentenced to 298 a few months in prison, to be followed by 3 years of supervised release. 78 million in restitution. 194 million in investor funds.

Also billed in the Indictment were three hedge account advisor companies which were owned and managed by the individual defendants: KL Group, LLC, KL Triangulum Management, LLC, and Shoreland Trading, LLC. The firms pled guilty in July 2007 to taking part in the investment-fraud conspiracy. Defendant Won Lee remained a fugitive from December 2006 until early 2009. In ’09 2009, Federal authorities located Won Lee in South Korea.

He was extradited to South Florida in April 2009 to handle the Federal government charges pending against him. Won Lee accepted lying to investors to induce them to invest in the hedge money and to keep their monies spent or even to reinvest in different hedge funds. The misrepresentations included false statements about the performance and soundness of particular funds. Victims were told that the funds were profitable, when in fact, none were.

Lee also accepted his complicity in creating counterfeit clearing company statements which were used to perpetrate and conceal the system. In addition, Lee admitted resting to a clearing house about the origin of monies used to trade stocks and shares cleared through Penson, a Texas-based clearing firm. 22 million in a stock known as RIMM, the business that manufactures the favorite “Blackberry” device. The RIMM trade, however, took place never, and the fictitious trading sheets were used to fool investors regarding the profitable investments being conducted by the KL hedge funds. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Stephen Carlton and Edward Nucci.

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