Hard Drive Imaging

Imaging arduous drives is one of those things, it either works or it doesn’t. I’ve at all times tried totally different tools to seek out the one thing that will hopefully just work, however as you will note right here, it’s not that easy regardless of how easy you keep issues. I put in this windows operating system and needed to image it as a result of it actually takes two days only for all of the updates to get carried out and nicely, that gets old very fast.

I am conscious of the more widespread paid model of this type of software program, however I like to check different instruments too. So this is the system. One-500Gb drive and cd rom. Nothing special. I lastly bought a brand new motherboard and moved the older one right here, which now gave me sufficient data ports to use the entrance data port. This machine only has usb 2 ports so the data positively got here in useful for this. The board doesn’t have as 3 headers so the data is all I received that I’m effective because it should be sooner than the user.

I decided to test the in-built windows 7 instruments. This was taking endlessly so I canceled it. I let it go for over forty minutes since I was doing one thing else. I obtained the Ubuntu 14.2 cd out and loaded that up. Well, it didn’t achieve this properly. I might barely even get this factor booted up with that OS.

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So I also tried the 12.Zero its version and was nonetheless not having luck. I also tried opensuse and nonetheless not luck attempting to picture this drive with DD. So I assumed the cable that got here with the dock was unhealthy. Got a brand new cable that went from data to data which principally bypassed both the cable that got here with the dock and the interior data cable.

I nonetheless had no luck. I lastly swapped to the clonzilla and was lastly in a position in addition up. Unfortunately, even with the new cable and boot up disk, this factor nonetheless died on me with these errors. Needless to say I’m doing onerous drive to the arduous drive images so it’s not going over a community or to the gas. In the long run I booted home windows up and scanned and mounted on the interior arduous drive.

I plugged within the data and did the same thing. Hey, the new cable works just effective. So the next obvious step was to get the other external 500Gb exhausting drive I’ve and take a look at that. Here is a different usb drive, I simply tried with the same results. So I’m still getting the identical problem.

I’m using all defaults on the system, and simply making an attempt to repeat drive to drive, but still no go. I produce other software program I can attempt however I feel this one would be sooner. So now I’m back scratching my head because I’ve gotten this to work up to now. However, the final two copies I have tried, right this moment and not long ago have at all times given me problems.