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The best graphs, as always, are at the above link. Quite simply, normal resales are in less than half of the top! Notice something from the curves Also, 2008 is continually a lower small percentage of 2007 than 2007 is of 2006. In plain English: The downside is accelerating. August normally will vie with June to be the strongest sales month of the entire year Nationally, and for some places that will hold true. But not for Florida and some other areas that have their best weather at other times of the entire year. The slight upsurge in the headline provides some support to promises of the bottom level in the market forming.

However, the fact that 40% of sales activity originated from banks offering foreclosed homes tends to claim that absent a fireplace sale in the housing sector, we’ve some ways to go before things truly stabilize. More troubling was the continued increase in inventories. … The data facilitates our call of the housing sector, not viewing anything resembling stabilization until mid-2009 at the initial. California foreclosures sales are still occurring slower than properties entering foreclosure. 33% values versus the 40% number.

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Real estate cycles are slow. After the California foreclosures grab speed really, all the best restarting the jumbo market. By our estimation, the national home price measure as determined by S&P/Case-Shiller, which ultimately shows a cumulative 18% drop through May from the July 2006 top, is approximately two-thirds of the real way through its ultimate total decrease in this cycle.

I agree with everything in the above mentioned except the ‘two-thirds of the way through’ bit. I believe we’re about 40% of just how through to just as much as 50%. Forget about. We’re also still in the seasonally best time of year to market a home. As I noted above, August and June vie to be the maximum selling months of the entire year normally (see CR’s graphs). CR feels we’ll top at 12 months of inventory, I believe we’ll pass that Fall/Winter. Not by a lot though.

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