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At the time we married the idea of the armed forces life had never crossed our thoughts. In fact, we were much nearer to hippies “hooah” then. But only a few months after our wedding Andy’s grandfather, who had spent his life in the military, passed away. A couple of days later while we were consistently getting dressed for his funeral we fired up the TV and viewed an airplane soar into the second tower.

September 11, 2001. Andy insisted that his grandfather would have put his uniform back on and said, “How do I help?” Andy said it for him. He spent our first Christmas in Basic training, and we back again have never looked. We found out I had been pregnant with Zion less a week before he shipped out for Korea. Canaan and I could actually visit for 30 days in the middle of his tour, before I got pregnant to move myself around the world too. He was then in a position to arrange his “mid-tour” to be always a little late, with time for delivery just.

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You didn’t want that tow job! Yes, they caught it, tied a string to it, and played with it. Don’t ask. Men are beyond comprehension. There are several little TDY combined in there. A couple weeks in Vegas, NV, several in Yuma, Arizona, and even weeks in Thailand.

He stays on the go, but always returns eventually! After lots of prayer, and waiting and lastly some absolute confirmation from God we left the Blue behind, and joined the Green. In Feb 2011 Andy acquired his last day in the USAF and immediately following, day in America Army his first. After 90 days of intense training, of the body, mind, and spirit as well, he graduated from OTS at Ft.

Benning, GA, and became an Officer in America Army officially. Through all the training I believe his goal remained the same: to become the kind of leader that’ll be respected because they earn it. The type of innovator that he respected most during his time as an enlisted service member.

I love him for your. For remembering what is important. We were able to join him for his next group of training, at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, for four a few months of 2011. During this move was after I composed one of my favorite stories of “military life”, and exactly how it creates me lose my mind slightly.

Andy stopped back again at Ft. Benning for Airborne college – three weeks in and out – and he didn’t lose his mind. His lifelong fear of heights will there be Perhaps still, but jumping out of the airplane is his job, and he did it. I believe deep down inside he enjoyed it!

Does anyone or anything in specific inspire you? Rand: As a Palestinian, I was raised in a discord country and everything in my life I’ve experienced nothing but that. My way of coping with reality is through artwork – whether it be painting sketching or makeup. My artwork can be an expansion of my core, it’s always fueled by strong feelings.

Mehron: We see that Pat McGrath kickstarted your skill. She is this industry icon. Any kind of other artists who motivate you? Rand: I am constantly motivated by different performers who are passionate in what they do, regardless of what tool they use to generate artwork. I am amazed by the ongoing work of Archan Nair, Paper Fashion, Amazing Jiro, Mimi Choi, and Alex Faction. Mehron: What Mehron products do you typically use in your looks? Rand: I take advantage of Mehron products a great deal in my looks.

7DaysOfMakeup where I used makeup as an instrument for activism to raise awareness for the health and privileges of the estimated 26 million women and women who are disproportionately suffering from humanitarian crises. September this past year I led up to the US Summit for Refugees and Migrants on 19.