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It can be said that Kenya’s overall economy has grown the last 9 roughly years. It could be said that Kenya has not known the kind of political we’ve had in the last 9 years. But the economic growth has widened the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Secondly, it has not been “jobs” growth whereby, the economy was absorbing jobless graduate, secondary leavers, and undoubtedly KCPE-leavers.

At an average of 4.5%, this means that once you remove the result of 2.3% population growth, it has grown at a paltry 2.2%. Good for the Western economies enough, not for a developing country. The growth has also not been sustainable. Apart from the Telecom industry, other sectors remain determined by exogenous factors (agriculture, tourism among our largest of earners); in others such as manufacturing and infrastructure building, we remain determined by foreign money or investment.

It in addition has been a development that has seen a concomitant development in problem. It is not felt by nearly all Kenyans in a positive way. Negatively yes because now staple foods and basic requirements are more expensive, but earnings have not kept up. Pour into the combine very young inhabitants and the development appears not stellar really. Kibaki doesn’t do politics. Politics is not about being able to take smart political decisions just, but more importantly also, being able to take the public pulse into on major decisions. On both fronts, we are not giving ourselves the opportunity to grow.

  • Smoothen institutional coordination in both the alleviation and reconstruction stages
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  • Rates of exchange may cause the worthiness of investments to move up or down
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But my interviewees driven that investment capability is much less important as accountability. “It’s not the knowledge level. Panelists can screen accountability by listening to their peers, acknowledging the restrictions of their factors of view, and realizing a good point made by someone else. Constructive disagreement works best when people treat the dialogue as an opportunity to learn rather than as a debate contest. Finally, I’ll remember that accountability may require an apology.

Last year I got into a heated online discussion, and a careless comment of mine insulted a pal. I have since apologized, and I highly recommend it. You give respect and you get respect. Robert J. Martorana, CFA, will be presenting a webinar, “Respectful Disagreement and the Investment Process, on Wednesday”, 2 November 2016, at noon EDT.

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RBI has one unique state to fame in that it facilitates an orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India. Since 2011, Martorana has published over 1,000 webpages of contract research, and he is co-author of Alts Democratized by Wiley Finance. Fantastic piece – great original thoughts and makes great sense. Thanks Ted. I put a lot of work into it (especially the interviews).

There is 10th. Something that can invariably ruin a good panel debate is the Q&A. Someone is certain to get their hands on a microphone and just monologue for 10 minutes about something of concern to them, wasting everyone’s time. So the way to combat that is to have people fill out a card with questions as the panel proceeds and have the moderator choose a few of interest.