Child Pageants Harmful

While primary school-aged young ladies are primped to compete in a US-style children’s beauty pageant, a Melbourne mum is offering parents somewhere else to take the kids this weekend. Mother-of-four Catherine Manning, founder of Pull The Pin – which rallied against the pageant on the steps of the Victorian Parliament in May – is calling for legislative changes to set age limits on the shows.

She is welcoming parents to bring their girls to a dress-up at the Fairy Tree at Fitzroy Gardens on Saturday to protest against the pageant being run at Northcote Town Hall from Friday to Saturday. On Wednesday Ms Manning said. They’re encouraged to flirt with judges. Additionally, there are issues around them behaving as mini-adults. There’s value in contending – children should try to learn how to contend – however when that competition is about their physical beauty it’s a completely different thing.

This week’s pageant has generated controversy that has resulted in risks against six-year-old US contestant Eden Wood, including “prepare to die” and “go shoot yourself”. Her mother/manager Mickie Wood informed the Nine Network in May that the risks had been still left on the child’s Facebook web page. Universal Royalty cannot be reached for comment.

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