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Deed states differ in the way the deed is conveyed and in what liens endure a tax sale. That is important information that might be the difference between buying a profitable deed and loosing money on your investment. Make sure that your coach has experience in the declare that you are investing in. Know very well what you are spending money on – Will you get ongoing support? Just one single coaching session is improbable to be enough to truly get you started purchasing taxes lien and/or taxes deeds.

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How many sessions do you want to get? Do you want to get any support materials such as access to a web site with resources that may help you with due diligence, or an e-book, or audios? You should. In my experience phone in teleseminars where anyone can contact and have a question is insufficient to offer the information that you’ll require to get going and take some action.

You either need some one-on-one consultation or some type of instruction (just like a course or e-book) as well as the chance to ask questions. Will your coach or coach be accessible to answer your questions? Once you have enough information to get out and begin to do it there, you’re going to come across situations that bring up questions that you have not considered before.

You want somebody who will be accessible to answer your questions as they appear. Ensure that your coach or trainer will be available to you, either by telephone or by e-mail, and that they will get to you in an acceptable timeframe back again. I think that within 24 hours is reasonable.