Five Questions To Ask Your Wedding Makeup Artist To Know If She Is The One

So it is time to choose a marriage makeup artist. Doesn’t it seem like there are a billion artists and a whole lot of pressure deciding on the best one for your wedding? Well, this guide is the ultimate cheat sheet with five of the most critical questions to ask your potential wedding makeup artist before reserving her.

1. Have you ever done makeup on someone with my skin condition? You now probably already saw this makeup artists’ portfolio of past brides or past work (which explains why you are contacting her to begin with). However, what did those clients look like without the makeup? Did they have acne, dark marks, scars, luggage under their eye, wrinkles, freckles, or a birthmark? You want to know that musician can conceal and contour real faces with real pores and skin conditions.

Some before-and-after pictures can provide you a clear idea if this makeup artist is designed for your unique epidermis conditions. Because let’s face it – a dab of lip gloss can make an already-beautiful model look even more fantastic, but a talented makeup musician can make her wrinkles disappear. 2. What exactly is your wedding makeup musician fees?

  • Not oil free. In the event that you already have an greasy skin, might leave your skin with even more oil
  • Have a pleasant comforting soak in the shower and emerge with very soft pores and skin all over
  • 1780 – 1958 Vintage Lip Stain Vintage Cheek Stain Historical Makeup OLD-FASHIONED Rouge
  • Add a small amount of dark lipstick to the outer area of the lips
  • Choose 100 % natural ingredients that have healing and anti-aging properties to discover the best results

Nowadays, you will need to get specific information on your agreement on paper – even if your wedding makeup artist happens to be your brother’s girlfriend’s best friend. A clear outline of services could ease your fears and prevent any unpleasant surprises on your big day. 4. MAY I gets a makeup trial?

Of course you can, and you ought to! However, this question should be, “so how exactly does the makeup trial work”. You need to know how far in advanced could it be booked and how will you schedule one. Of which location would the trial be? And who is it possible to schedule it for? If you need a makeup trial for your maid of honor too, then this designer should be asked by you if she actually is ready to give you one. If she’s not willing to be flexible, this may be considered an offer breaker then. Wait – there’s more.

Have you ceased to think about who else may be at the makeup trial? Could friends or family attend your makeup trial? And on the flip side, who would this makeup artist bring with her to your wedding makeup trial? Beauty is important – but security is first. 5. Would you be the same one who is doing my makeup on my wedding day?

The last thing you will need is to have Naomi do your wedding makeup trial and Jessica showing up on your big day to do your bridal makeup. Oh, hell no. That is clearly a recipe for catastrophe. The beautician who did your makeup trial should be the same one doing your wedding day makeup.