DFW Investment Property

Below is the MID MAY 2016 list of properties of interest. As always, if you see something of interest or have questions, please let me know and can get answers/comps. Single family inventory is tight and overvalued right now. Mid June this should start to correct with owner occupied buyers slowing down.

I am always happy to customize a search specific to your needs. When simply clicking below links, you can click on DISPLAY on the top right of web page to show property by property details. 1500 lease per unit. NEW DIVISION OPENING UP ON THE MARKET! 1200 a unit…all brick – Cleburne,TX to new tollway close.

This time of year sees tighter inventory with the Owner Occupant market scorching on primary home. There are always a couple out there. A contractor is acquired by me selling 2 newer homes with tenants set up. 2900 rents on them. Great publicity for your property. The flat charge is only for listing the property. Showings, negotiations, agreement issues, etc are dealt with direct with you and the buyer. If you want information on this planned program, please call or email.

What will be the issue with trading? Trading is quite short term in nature usually. As a total result, each trading position is usually for days or weeks. While trading allows you to “time the market”, you don’t have the advantage of having “amount of time in the marketplace”. You may miss out on strong market days that generates multi-baggers likely.… Read the rest

How Should I Approach Adding Custom Functionality / Components (for My Use Case)?

I’ve a fairly bizarre use case. I need to create a WordPress webpage with only a few ‘customized’ dynamic components / functionality. I am okay with utilizing a pre-built theme as long as I do know its fairly painless to inject my very own customized dynamic parts into these pre-constructed themes. I need a house web page the place I can have customized parts that display knowledge from different pages found on my site. So as an example, a homepage that can have links to other pages of my site with maybe the linked web page’s title, the linked web page’s featured picture, and an excerpt from the primary paragraph on the corresponding linked web page.

I am conscious that there are themes that have this functionality baked-in as a part of the theme. If I had been to decide on a theme that does not have this functionality baked-in, how easy would it be so as to add it inside mentioned theme? Should I take advantage of php features and shortcodes to accomplish this or maybe ought to I scrap WordPress themes altogether and use Gantry to fulfill this performance?

I guess my most important question is, how simple is it so as to add customized quirky functionality/elements to pre-constructed themes versus utilizing Gantry to construct what I need? If I solely need a few ‘dynamic’ custom components all through my site (and am okay with conforming to a theme for all the pieces else), would Gantry be overkill?… Read the rest


Is yet safe for breastfeeding? Yes, yet is safe while breastfeeding as long as you don’t take it to extremes. Many people are able to lower their carb intake to just 20 grams per day after they hit optimum ketosis. However, this can impact your milk supply, so it’s recommended that you shoot for a slightly higher level of 50 grams each day.

Does to help with fertility? Yes, the keto diet can help with fertility in women due to its impact on insulin and overall hormonal balances. Once you achieve full ketones, blood sugar levels shall stabilize, and insulin production will not be in a constant state of lows and highs. This doesn’t only need a positive impact on your blood sugars but also on reproductive hormones.

Can you take ketones while pregnant? Yes, you may take ketones during pregnancy, however they should be held to the very least. The good reason is that extra amounts of ketone will be removed through your urine, and this can result in a condition known as ketonuria. This condition is common during a normal healthy pregnancy but increasing the chance can in acute cases lead to ketoacidosis, which would be dangerous to the mother and the baby. Can ketones harm my baby?

Yes, extreme amounts of ketones can hurt your baby and cause reduced brain development potentially. However, a balanced keto diet should never lead to excessive amounts of ketones, even though you’re not pregnant. Monitoring your ketone levels during pregnancy requires … Read the rest